After a week a 80 degree weather, winter returned to the Midlands of South Carolina today. It snowed! Big, gorgeous, puffy flakes like we had when we lived up north. They were falling when I peered out the window at 4:30 this morning, as excited as a six-year old, and again at 7:30.

As I like to do every morning, I went outside, coffee mug in hand, to pray as I listen to the birds at the nearby feeder. The sounds were muffled by the snow. I was wearing boots, a nightgown, and a white robe, much to the amusement of the birds.

As I stood up from the table, it shifted beneath the weight of the opened umbrella, heavy with frozen snow. I grabbed the umbrella pole and began to crank it closed. One side of the table rose up. I cranked faster, only able to partially close the troublemaker. As I let down the umbrella, a mix of ice and snow slid down my back. The birds laughed harder.

All told, only about a half inch of snow fell. That’s the way snow is in the south. It teases us with hope. The snow suddenly stopped falling around lunchtime, only to melt and disappear into the grass.

My golden daffodils shriveled up last week, but a drive through town yesterday revealed purple wisteria and pink azeleas in bloom. I hope this cold snap doesn’t affect them. Rain is expected for the next several days so the sidewalks will be crowded with raised colorful umbrellas.

I leave you with several lines of poetry,

“There’s a certain Slant of light,

Winter Afternoons –

That oppresses, like the Heft

Of Cathedral Tunes.” — Emily Dickinson

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