Goodbye, February

You are my birth date month but you disappointed me this year. I had a lovely birthday celebration with family, and wonderful friends took me to lunch.

February, you gave us only a few cold days and nights, but, really, did you have to send us so many 70 and 80 degree days? Today was rather “chilly” with the high being about 60 degrees. I’m beginning to think climate change is for real. I dread those muggy, humid, hot days coming in July and August. Mother Nature, can’t you be kinder to us? I have a new pair of boots in my closet that will probably sit there until next year, if we have winter ever again! Give us some snow.

Does anyone else look at the nighttime stars? Do you know about astronomy? If so, I envy you. I lack knowledge in that area although I can identify the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. I just enjoy looking at the stars against a dark sky. The stars are especially brilliant tonight. They are so beautiful. I want to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” but I lack singing ability as well. Looking at the stars brings me much happiness and I marvel at God’s creation.

The daffodils are abloom and the pine pollen is dusting the earth. South Carolina has lots of pine trees that send off pollen the consistency of sifted flour. It covers the cars, sidewalks, and everything else with its yellow substance that is hard to remove. Imagine an entire city of commuters driving yellow-dusted cars. The pollen causes sinus problems and worsening of allergies. It’s a rite of spring we go through. I don’t recall the pollen ever coming down this early in the year. Mother Nature, can you hear me? Is climate change for real?

I don’t know the answer and there is great debate among scientists. I’m just a mere writer who could probably research the issue. But why bother if scientists do not agree?

Tomorrow we welcome March and the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday. For us Catholics, Lent is a time of fasting and abstaining for six weeks until Easter. We give up things, like alcohol, candy, desserts, etc. Some of us do positive things like being kinder to others, going to Confession more often, or praying the Rosary daily. Some of us do a combination of both. I’m keeping secret my Lenten resolutions in case I have a relapse and feel I must come here and publicly confess for misleading you.

Today, Maudy Tuesday, I will eat chocolate and drink wine. In moderation, of course. Tomorrow is another day. I will wear the cross of ashes on my forehead as a reminder that I “am dust and to dust” I shall return.



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