Ponderings 2017

I found a little, ancient, round house

I found a little, ancient, round house in Rome 2011

Hello. Come on in and sit briefly.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Betty Glaz and I am a writer and poet. This blog which I hope to write every day will be full of my musings, ponderings, and whatever comes to my mind. I might do some research for an article or I may post some of my own writings.

I’m retired from the nine-to-five commute routine and I find life glorious. Ah, the freedom to be my own boss, sleep in when I want if I stay up late from reading or writing. My husband and I maintain an active social life after 52 years of marriage. We have two adult children and two grandchildren living nearby. Life is good.

I’m a former reporter, former director of development and public relations, and a former public information specialist. All three jobs required a lot of writing – research papers, grant requests, and press releases. I did enjoy my careers but answered the call to a more relaxed lifestyle.

I’ll post more later. In the meantime,

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