March Madness

March Madness is in the air! Do you feel it?

Is your bracket busted? Mine was from the very first round of games. But, I don’t mind. I just enjoy watching college basketball played by amateurs, unlike the NBA.

For the uninitiated, March Madness is a series of basketball games played by the top 64 colleges and universities in various regions of the country. It culminates with the two best teams playing in the National Championship in Phoenix on April 3rd. It’s slipping over into the next month for some reason.

There have many numerous upsets so far this month such as Duke losing to South Carolina, a Cinderella team, that I hope goes all the way. Perennial small-college Butler is still in it as is the University of Kentucky. Vegas is going crazy with bets.

Starting today, March 23, the “Sweet Sixteen” will be narrowed down to the “Final Four” by the end of the weekend. Sales of chicken wings and beer will skyrocket.

I wish game tickets weren’t so expensive. I’d love to see a game or two in person. But, we would have to take a second mortgage on our home to do so.  My husband and I plan to chill out and watch the remaining games on TV, so don’t even think about phoning when they are being televised. We won’t answer the phone.

Go Gamecocks!

Goodbye, February

You are my birth date month but you disappointed me this year. I had a lovely birthday celebration with family, and wonderful friends took me to lunch.

February, you gave us only a few cold days and nights, but, really, did you have to send us so many 70 and 80 degree days? Today was rather “chilly” with the high being about 60 degrees. I’m beginning to think climate change is for real. I dread those muggy, humid, hot days coming in July and August. Mother Nature, can’t you be kinder to us? I have a new pair of boots in my closet that will probably sit there until next year, if we have winter ever again! Give us some snow.

Does anyone else look at the nighttime stars? Do you know about astronomy? If so, I envy you. I lack knowledge in that area although I can identify the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. I just enjoy looking at the stars against a dark sky. The stars are especially brilliant tonight. They are so beautiful. I want to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” but I lack singing ability as well. Looking at the stars brings me much happiness and I marvel at God’s creation.

The daffodils are abloom and the pine pollen is dusting the earth. South Carolina has lots of pine trees that send off pollen the consistency of sifted flour. It covers the cars, sidewalks, and everything else with its yellow substance that is hard to remove. Imagine an entire city of commuters driving yellow-dusted cars. The pollen causes sinus problems and worsening of allergies. It’s a rite of spring we go through. I don’t recall the pollen ever coming down this early in the year. Mother Nature, can you hear me? Is climate change for real?

I don’t know the answer and there is great debate among scientists. I’m just a mere writer who could probably research the issue. But why bother if scientists do not agree?

Tomorrow we welcome March and the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday. For us Catholics, Lent is a time of fasting and abstaining for six weeks until Easter. We give up things, like alcohol, candy, desserts, etc. Some of us do positive things like being kinder to others, going to Confession more often, or praying the Rosary daily. Some of us do a combination of both. I’m keeping secret my Lenten resolutions in case I have a relapse and feel I must come here and publicly confess for misleading you.

Today, Maudy Tuesday, I will eat chocolate and drink wine. In moderation, of course. Tomorrow is another day. I will wear the cross of ashes on my forehead as a reminder that I “am dust and to dust” I shall return.



A Poem by Betty Glaz

Deja Vue

She saw him from the kitchen window

before he saw her. He was driving

a strange car and a dog was on the passenger seat.

They leapt from the driver’s side and came to the house.

“Hey Mom” he beamed, “got any coffee?

I’m tired and thirsty.”

He got a cereal bowl from the cupboard,

filled it with water, and set it on the floor

for the dog, a large white German Shepherd

whose long tail dusted the orange linoleum.

He drank noisily.

“Who’s car is that? And get that damn dog

out of here,” she said turning from the sink.

He sat at the kitchen table and offered an explanation.

“The car belongs to a friend of mine. You don’t know him.

I had to borrow a car to bring Crazy Horse along for I need to

leave him here for a while. I’ve got the urge again to wander,

to look for work in another state since

I’m not making any money here.” A laugh originated from his belly.

“He’ll be here for just a little while, until I get back

on my feet. He’ll be a guard dog for you and Dad.

He’ll keep you safe while I go off in search of fame

and fortune,” he laughed once again.

She took a doubtful step, then undid it.

“Hhrumph,” she mumbled, her thin lips

in a grimace, her eyes dark, moody, perplexed.

“Well, take him out there and tie him up

under that sycamore tree down by the stream.

And fill up that big bucket with water.”

“Come on, Crazy Horse. You heard what the woman said.”

She watched the two of them walk down to the bottom

of the hill, her son whistling a tune, where he tied up

the big dog with the rusty chain left

over from the previous dog that died –

from a gunshot wound to its head,

simply for breaking his bonds

and straying from the farm

a few times too many.

Death in the Family

My brother-in-law passed away early this morning in Florida. He had been ill for some time.

He leaves behind his wife, three daughters and several grandchildren. My husband is his only remaining sibling out of eleven children of Polish immigrants.

The week started so promising and ends with the tragic death of an 86-year-old man. He seemed so vibrant when we saw him and his wife in early December. He was between hospital stays at the time. But he was alive and talkative. His usual self, slowed down a bit by his age and health issues.

Life is so precious, from a newborn baby to the elderly among us. Cherish each moment with loved ones . . . for you never know when the end will come.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the mercy departed rest in peace. Amen.


Welcome . . . come on in and sit a spell. I’ll pull up a rocking chair in front of the fire on this January night and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Betty Glaz, a senior citizen, who is a published writer, though not in anything you’ve heard of.

I am actively trying to get a memoir about my father and our family published and I’m working on an as yet untitled novel about an Elvis impersonator. I also write poetry.

I found a little, ancient, round house

I found a little, ancient, round house in Rome, 2011

Anyone from Indiana? That’s where I spent the first 21 years of my life, up until the time of my marriage to a wonderful man. For Christmas my sister gave me a pillow shaped like the state of Indiana with a red heart in the center. That’s how I feel about the state where I left my heart. Yes, I’m a loyal Hoosier and I watch all the Indiana college basketball teams played on television

We have lived in South Carolina for nearly 38 years. I like being here except during the miserably hot months of July and August. That’s when I go online and search for a place in the mountains around Asheville, North Carolina.

Today is my grandson’s 10th birthday. He was very happy to get a set of “big boy” tools – a hammer, wire cutters, a drill, and other tools that will make him feel like a man.

That’s enough for tonight for it is late and I am tired and sleepy. Till next time, good night. Peace to all.